Dutch fashion outfit Fresh Cotton and Dutch music site DJBroadcast put on a soccer game with beer, fisticuffs, a Jager bar, more fisticuffs and dudes in cuffed jean short shorts.  I blame the Jager bar for all of it.

One of the best Wayne Rooney look-a-likes I’ve ever seen in this great/terrible Capt Morgan commercial.

If you speak Italian, here’s 10 minutes of Italian sports talk on Michael Bradley.  All I hear is Bill Hader’s character Vinny Devecci.

The view of last night’s SJ v LA pregame from the rafters.

For the appreciators of the female form.  A NSFW slideshow of where hot ladies, body paint and booties meet soccer.

Everyone has those mental bookmarks.

The ones where a simple scent, sound or touch brings with it the visceral images and memories of something from your past.  I had one tonight…

After junior college I went down to San Diego State and worked my way through college as a server.  Well, I was working at The Olive Garden (sexy I know) and had just came off a lunch shift after working a dinner shift the night before.  I was beat.

On the way home I stopped at the Tower Records that was down the street (Yes record stores still existed).  I was already a disciple of Jimmy Eat World after hearing Clarity and Bleed American.  But I hadn’t been able to find Static Prevails, their debut LP on Sony, and had been looking for some time. 

That day I found it.  I remember taking it home popping it in the CD player (It was the 2001 so there were plenty of Jobs, just not as much Steve Jobs in the world) and reading the booklet as I listened to the first few tracks. 

Eventually my need for sleep overtook me and I succumbed to my silky slumber. Then track #7 hit, “Digits”. 

This is the song I listened to today for the first time in years. And instantly I was back in my college bedroom remembering the panic stricken dread and subsequent awe as Digits hit the 2:25 mark.  I remember waking up to Jim Adkins screaming at me to “Pay Attention”.  It’s one of my personal favorite moments in music.  This dude was serving notice, “Hey Fuck Head, pay attention I’m about to do some pretty gnarly shit right here.  Yer gonna wanna hear this.” 

Damn he was right.  I remember that moment so clearly even now 11 years later. Now I can’t stop listening to it tonight.

If I could have a video as my computer’s wallpaper it would be this.  Simple, beautiful and soccer.

It is a crime that someone that looks like Peter Crouch gets to lay down on top of this…

Raw, unedited, interview with Alex Morgan ahead of the Olympics. #USWNT

Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound Live from Miami

Archer fans note Ricardo Montalban saying “Soft Corinthian Leather”

You know a lot of these players from 2006, but you won’t guess who it is that wins.

There is something appealing about the thought of Steven Lenhart with extreme brain freeze.  Would also explain a lot of his choices on the field…

On the flip side how is RSL not cornering the market on uncaffeinated cola sponsorships?

I’m ashamed it took me 2 days to see a goal this magnificent.  Even more ashamed of the NFL on Fox drop that is infecting the nations outside our borders…

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